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Installation for Solar Panels in Newcastle & Greater NSW

The Green Star Solar installation process

Once your obligation-free solar installation consultation is booked, one of our installers will visit your site to discuss your requirements and design a solar PV system specifically to meet your needs.

When you have decided on a system and installation has been scheduled, you can normally have your solar install up and running within 4-5 weeks.

  • Consult

    Get in touch and we'll arrange a time to visit your premises

  • Quote

    After reviewing your location, we'll email you a detailed quote

  • Install

    We provide you with a quality Installation by an accredited installer


Green Star Solar: the Smart Choice

Your Green Star Solar installer will ensure that your panels are positioned correctly so that they can get as much direct sunlight as possible.

Typically in Australia, panels are mounted facing north for maximum efficiency, as any shaded areas on panels can significantly reduce the amount of energy they produce. To reduce power loss we’ll also place the inverter as close to the panels as possible.

We’ll also show you how to read the data panel on your inverter, or on your device, where you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy your panels are generating.

Green Star Solar are Clean Energy Council accredited.
We provide a five-year, whole-of-solar-system warranty.


Panels, Inverters & Batteries

Green Star Solar sell and install only the most trusted and reputable brands

After-sales service and maintanence? We've got you covered.

Green Star Solar are a fully accredited Clean Energy Council of Australia installer so you can be sure that your solar system will stand the test of time.

Feel free to arrange a maintenance check with Green Star Solar at any time to ensure that your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

Talk to us about powering your home the renewable way

Green Star Solar are fully accredited, professional solar panel installers servicing Newcastle NSW, the Central Coast and Hunter Valley.

We have many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, and are the experts at designing and installing system which is just right for your home or business.

If you are looking to reduce your energy bills and power your home with a natural energy source, give Green Star Solar a call today on 1300 399 181 or email us at  We are happy to prepare a no-obligation installation quotation for you.