Residential Solar

Green Star Solar installation solutions for your home

Expect the BEST with Green Star Solar Sales and Installation

The team at Green Star Solar are electrical tradesmen and apprentices. They have experience and knowledge in the installation of Solar PV panels retro-fit a suitable solar power system to your new or existing home.

We can provide you with a guaranteed solar power system that will reduce your power costs for decades to come.

With the rising costs of electricity and the reducing costs of Solar equipment, sourcing power from the sun makes good financial sense.


Green Star Solar offers you...

  • The complete package from design to supply, installation and training

  • Competitive pricing and reputable products

  • A free obligation quote which includes an individual appraisal to assess your required needs

  • Quality Installation by Qualified electricians



With the Green Star Solar and the Solar.web App, you can bring your inverter online quickly and easily. Once the app is installed, the setup wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps.

With Solar.web, you'll be able to keep an eye on your electricity consumption. All the information you need is available anytime, anywhere and you will be notified of any important events.

Take Control of Your Energy with Solar and Storage

We take sustainability seriously and are committed to providing you with a sustainable and energy efficient Grid-Tied Solar PV System